Square Shower Cubicle 90x90x220cm


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Freestanding and easy to install, the shower cubicle gives you a close and safe shower feeling, getting you free from leaking worries.

Size: 900x900x2200mm Square
Designed for DIY shower cubicle
Composed of Durable base, AS toughened glass and strong aluminium frames
Doors are run by twin Stainless Steel wheels
Glass: 6mm toughened glass. Easy-clean treated, which is easy to clean and maintain
Front glass is clear and back glass panels are white paint coated for nice-opaqueness
Built-in shower mixer, hand shower and shampoo shelf
Base with anti-slip patterned surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
Waste cover comes in Standard chrome colour
Drain hole size: 50mm


2 year replacement warranty (excluding installation).
12 month Warranty for workmanship.
We will repair or replace at our option any faulty or defective products covered by warranty.


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