Gallaria Tropical BTW Suite Tropical


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  • Brand: Gallaria
  • Size: 375Wx830Hx610Pmm
  • Outlet: Standard pan connection bend for floor outlet range
  • 60-170mm, Optional: 170-230mm
  • Drainage: Wall outlet 185mm nominal, Floor outlet variable to 230mm, See ” Dimension drawing”.
  • Water inlet supply: Universal water inlet
  • Projection: Wall into room 610
  • Error range 5mm
  • Seat: Thick seat cover – Standard package
  • Thin seat cover-optional Standard:Complies to AS1172.1 and AS1172.2 WELS license :#0016
  • Note: Please check the exact size before installation- all dimensions are nominal.
  • WELS licence number: 0016
  • WELS reg. number: L04837
  • Star rating: 4 Star, 4.5/3.0 L


12 months warranty.
Warranty void if it is not installed by license plumber. Door-to-door service will be charged at minimum $100 if it is failure installation by no license plumber.


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